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Informational Articles

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What Past Clients Have to Say

What Past Clients Have to Say

Dear Donna,

My wife and I can not thank you enough for your recent services. Having somewhat “destroyed” the zippers and seams on our living room cushions, I was quite hesitant to show my wife the results of my being helpful around the home. However, “Donna to the rescue” has saved the day. We are both extremely pleased not only with your expertise, but even more especially with the timely manner in which you did the repairs.

If word of mouth is the best advertisement … be assured we will be advertising a lot for you.

Thank you so much, once again, for helping me in my time of need. It’s such a pleasure to experience great customer service, a rare commodity these days.

Appreciatively yours,

Tim Green, Dighton, MA

Donna is truly a decorator. She can tell you before hand as to whether or not what you are looking into, will be right for your home.

I have used Donna's for close to 15 years, and have always been more than satisfied with her ability to do a job with great expertise. She's truly an artist.

I will use Donna as long as I have a home to decorate.

Now I use her services to help my daughter decorate her home. It's a joy because Donna makes it fun; the three of us working together. 

Helen Annunziato, Taunton MA

My Mom and I have been doing business with Donna for years. Donna has a way with fabrics and textures. I have a very particular taste and often have a hard time identifying what it is that I really want. Donna is great at helping me pick fabrics and styles to fit my personality and house. Her work is impeccable. Donna is a delight.

Maria Annunziato, Mansfield MA


First of all, Anthony and I want to thank you for a job well done. We are thrilled with the amazing job you did on our couch. Every time we sit on it, we are really happy with your work. Your expertise was much appreciated and we really enjoyed working with you. We will definitely recommend your service and company to others.

Anthony and Eva, Plainville, MA

 About 10 years ago I needed someone to do some work in my house. I found Donna’s Décor. I was so happy with what she had done that when I finished redoing my kitchen and needed more done, I went looking for her again. She is wonderful to work with and takes extreme pride in what she does. If you want a project done right and timely, I highly recommend Donna.

Denise Drury, Rehoboth MA

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