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Graber Cellular ShadesGraber Cellular ShadesGraber Cellular Shades are the smart choice for every window in your home. For year-round comfort, Cellular Shades effectively insulate your windows from the heat and cold. Regardless of climate, they are Graber's most versatile and energy efficient window treatment available.
Graber Roller ShadesGraber Roller ShadesGraber Roller Shades offer a solution for light control from sheer to complete room darkening. They fit into any room or decorating style and can be coodinated with other product lines (Vertical Blinds, Pleated Shades and more ).Graber Roller Shades also block damaging UV rays.
Graber Solar ShadesGraber  Solar ShadesGraber Solar Shades filter and diffuse light while maintaining an outward view. In general the higher the openness factor and darker the fabric, the clearer the view. 
Graber Dual ShadesGraber Dual ShadesVersatile Graber Dual Shades give you control over the amount of light entering your room and the degree of privacy. The innovative design pairs two fabrics from our Solar and/or Roller collections. Either shade can be lowered or  raised independently of the other. 
Graber Sheer VerticalsGraber Sheer VerticalsGraber Sheer Vertical blinds combine the soft look of sheer fabric draperies and the light control benefits of vinyl vertical blinds. When the louvers are open, softly diffused light streams into the room through sheer fabric for minimal privacy and light control: when closed, light is blocked from entering the room to provide privacy and light control. 
Graber Sliding PanelsGraber Sliding PanelsGraber Sliding Panels are a great way to create coordinated coverings for wide windows, patio doors and even room dividers or closet doors. Choose a fabric that matches Graber Roller, Solar or Natural shades to pull the look of your room together. Panels glide along a sleek aluminu track for smooth operation.
Graber Vertical BlindsGraber Vertical BlindsVertical blinds dress up your large windows or patio doors. Fabric louvers create a soft look with fashion- forward colors and textures. Sheer fabric draped over opaque louvers transforms your windows into a refined style statement.Vinyl louvers are easy-to-clean and coordinate with 2" Vinyl Horizontal blinds for the complete package.

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